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Homer News

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The Homer News is a weekly newspaper published in Homer, Alaska since 1964. The newspaper began circulation in January 1964. Founders Hall and Marion Thorn had moved a few years earlier to Homer, where Hal's parents were longtime residents. In the Thorns' hands, the Homer News was a product of the battle over incorporation. Its own motto, "Aims for Progress," reflected the views of those who saw incorporation as a step into the modern age. Homer News switched its name to Homer Weekly News from 1973 to 1976 and back to Homer News on 1976.Now 55 years later and several ownership changes later, the newspaper is still serving the original goal of reporting the local news. The paper reaches readers in every state and in several foreign countries, but the target audience remains the people of Homer and surrounding Kachemak Bay communities. in 2000 Morris Communications acquired the Homer News. In 2017, Morris sold its newspapers to GateHouse Media. In 2018, GateHouse sold its Alaska papers to Sound Publications. The paper is issued every Thursday.

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