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Alberta Views

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Founded in 1997, Alberta Views is the must-read magazine for the people who are shaping the new Alberta. Innovators in politics, education, industry, public service and the arts share and discover fresh perspectives in our in-depth analysis of everything relevant to the public interest of Albertans. Recognized for its editorial excellence, Alberta Views is one of the most respected publications in Canada, and has won Magazine of the Year and both the National and Western Magazine Awards. Right n   Suite 208, 320 – 23rd Avenue SW. Calgary, AB, T2S 0J2   Publisher BETH ED Circulation CHLOE FLANAGAN Ad Sales MEGAN KARGARD Bookkeeping SELMA WHITE Founding Editor JACKIE FLANAGAN Editor EVAN OSENTON Art Director BEATE WICHMANN Associate Editor TADZIO RICHARDS Associate Editor MAUREEN McNAMEE Factche   1997   Read More

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