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Asian Week

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AsianWeek was America’s first and largest English language print and on-line publication serving Asian Americans. The news organization played an important role nationally and in the San Francisco Bay Area as the “Voice of Asian America”. It provided news coverage across all Asian ethnic groups.AsianWeek's groundbreaking nature was reflected in its name -- both its weekly frequency and its focus on a pan-ethnic Asian identity. As the only all English publication serving the Asian community, it also was unique in advancing English as the language to bring together America’s diverse Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicities.AsianWeek was one of the newspapers owned and operated by the Fang family of San Francisco, with others including the San Francisco Independent and the San Francisco Examiner. It was founded by John Fang in 1979 and helmed by long-time AsianWeek President James Fang from 1993-2009. AsianWeek headquarters were located in San Francisco's Chinatown. It stopped publishing a weekly print edition in 2009, and on-line publication ceased in 2012. AsianWeek still publishes occasional special editions and community organizing activity has continued with the AsianWeek Foundation.

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