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Daily Campus

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The Daily Campus, founded in 1896, is a student-run newspaper at the University of Connecticut that has a circulation run of 5,000 copies weekdays during the school. The Daily Campus has the largest circulation of any college paper in Connecticut and the third-largest in New England, behind The Daily Collegian (UMass) and The Harvard Crimson (Harvard University). Since its creation, the newspaper has undergone several name changes, starting as The Storrs Agricultural College Lookout, a monthly, when it published its first issue on May 11, 1896. The name was changed to The Connecticut Campus in 1915, followed by The Connecticut Daily Campus, and then finally just The Daily Campus in 1984. It began publishing five days a week during the academic year in 1952 and became a morning paper in 1955. The newspaper's offices are located at The Daily Campus Building at 1266 Storrs Road in Storrs, Connecticut. The paper was previously located across campus at 121 North Eagleville Road, but moved to the current location in 1991/1992. Though originally addressed at 11 Dog Lane, the building was re-addressed as 1266 Storrs Road in the spring of 2012 to accommodate the new buildings being constructed alongside the building as part of the new Storrs Center. The building is located at the south entrance to campus, across the street from the Fine Arts Building, and adjacent to Buckley Residence Hall. The two-story building houses the business staff and front desk on the bottom floor, and the newsroom and conference room on the second. The Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Associate Managing Editor have offices on the second floor, while the Business Manager's office is located on the first. The newspaper features four main sections: News, Opinion, Life and Sports. Each section has its own department run by an editor and associate editor. There is also a Photography department, which provides student-shot pictures for every section. The photographers are managed by both a photo editor and associate editor. A Circulation Manager plans the delivery routes and manages these student-drivers in the Circulation department. In addition, the paper employs an Advertising Director, Financial Manager, Business Manager and a Digital Editor. Students of all majors are encouraged to join the staff.

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