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Las Vegas Weekly

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Las Vegas Weekly is a free alternative weekly newspaper based in Henderson, Nevada, covering Las Vegas arts, entertainment, culture and news. Las Vegas Weekly is published by Greenspun Media Group. The paper was founded in 1992 by James P. Reza, Greg Ryan and Robert Ringle as a free monthly publication called Scope Magazine covering Southern Nevada's culture, arts, music and lifestyle from a decidedly Generation X perspective. Scope published its first issue in April 1992. In 1996, Reza partnered with Daniel Greenspun, forming a new company (Radiant City Publications LLC) to publish Scope. During this partnership, Reza continued on as Managing Editor, broadening the coverage to a more traditional alternative newsweekly style, and accelerated the publishing schedule to biweekly. In 1998, Reza sold his remaining interest in Scope to The Greenspun Corporation, who retooled it and renamed it Las Vegas Weekly. As of December 2009, Las Vegas Weekly had a circulation of 65,000. In 2018, Greenspun merged sister publication The Sunday into Las Vegas Weekly.

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