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About Truth Guard

TruthGuard is the internet's first newspaper, blog and magazine rating system combined with a fake news reporting extension for Google Chrome. TG is currently in Beta, so we appreciate any bug reports, feedback or feature suggestions! Use the contact form to get in touch with us.

How TruthGuard Works

TruthGuard uses a wiki-like model, so anyone can sign up and submit ratings and add/edit publications. First-time users can sign up for free by providing an email address and password, or by logging in through a popular social media platform like Google+ or Facebook. Once a user signs up and logs in, they can:

  • submit new publications
  • edit existing publications
  • submit ratings
  • submit fake news reports through free TG's Chrome extension
  • rate other users' submissions
  • edit/delete their profile

How the Chrome Extension Works

TruthGuard also has a free Chrome extension that allows you to:

  • Submit fake news you spot around the web in 1 click, by using the TG button that appears on top of your browser.
  • Be notified when you land on a story or article that has been reported as fake by other TG users.
  • Be notified when you land on a low rated publication. You can set your desired minimum score in the Settings section of the extension. (e.g. notify me when I land on a publication rated below 60% by TruthGuard)

About Moderation & Security

At TruthGuard, we take moderation and security very seriously. All submissions go through 2 layers of moderation:

  1. The first layer is our own in-house moderators. We will review the submission to make sure it's legit. Once we approve it, it goes live on the site.
  2. Once it is approved and live on the site, other users can discuss, upvote or downvote the submission. If the majority of the users downvote the submission, or if the consensus is that the story is legit, the fake news report will be removed.

TruthGuard's Mission & Philosophy

TruthGuard (currenly in Beta, so please report any bugs) is an attempt to hold newspapers, blogs and magazines accountable for the content they publish. Using a wiki-like model, users can submit ratings, add new publications to be rated, and report fake news stories they find around the web. The idea of TG is simple: if you can rate doctors, teachers, restaurants, hotels and other types of businesses, why not content producers? After all, fake news are rampant these days and are negatively influencing every layer of our society.

At TruthGuard, we believe that the only way to solve the proliferation of fake news is by a mass effort from all web users. Until now, people didn't really have an outlet to report a fake news story. Sure, they could go on Facebook, Twitter and report the story there, but only their immediate friends and followers would see it. With TruthGuard's free Chrome extension, users can now report the story as fake using the extension's easily accessible button on their browser, and their report will be immediately added to the publication's profile. Moreover, users who land on that story in the future will see a popup warning them that the story was reported as fake.

Want To Join Our Team?

Are you passionate about eradicating fake news? Or perhaps you got a suggestion, comment or feedback about TruthGuard? We need your feedback to make TG better! Use the contact form to get in touch with us. If you are interested in joining our team, please send over your resume and a cover letter telling us how you can help. We are especially interested in people who have deep knowledge and experience in digital media, journalism, politics, digital law and other relevant field.